Bean Bag Bucketz is a one-of-a-kind outdoor/indoor activity that creates nonstop action. It can provide many benefits for students, including improvement in hand-eye coordination skills. Bean Bag Bucketz provides a friendly competitive activity without physical contact. B3 is ready to become part of your physical education program.

Bean Bag Bucketz emphasizes social, enjoyable, and safe participation in physical activity. One of the many great qualities is that everyone and anyone can play B3. The design of the game with various size bucketz, as well as opportunity to change distance from the game, is important in providing all skill levels to have a rewarding game play experience. Bean Bag Bucketz will keep your students moving, engaged and learning… while improving socially competitive interaction. Also, Bean Bag Bucketz is a game that will benefit Adapted Physical Activities schools.


Bean Bag Bucketz Allows Students to:

Practice basic and complex motor and manipulative skills by taking turns tossing bean bags at the various size bucketz from different distances.

Enhancing hand-eye coordination through apply learning of concepts, strategies and tactics related to performance from game play.

Improvements in skill and physical fitness through regular practice, effort and determination.

B3 is a social game that will provide format for students to recognize appropriate personal and social behavior. Sportsmanship is cornerstone of this competitive social game.

Can be played indoors as well as outdoors.


Students love it! 

Tremendous social game-play…

B3 is perfect for sensory integration…

Wow!!! All my students are playing…