Bean Bag Bucketz was born at the beach, the Jersey Shore to be exact. While on a sandy vacation, the kids got bored and decided they had enough of the beach. So B3’s Creator Anthony came up with a fun way to entertain his boys. Anthony placed large shells on the end of a stick and had the kids toss small seashells to knock off the bigger shells. Hours later, both dad and the boys agreed – they’ve created a fun and entertaining game!

Addicted from the start, this became their go-to game the rest of the trip.  Back at home Anthony couldn’t get their seaside fun out of his head.  Working through countless iterations, the concept of Bean Bag Bucketz came to fruition. After connecting with Philipp, his new partner with serious experience in the toy & retail world, the duo came together to develop this great social nonstop on-the-go game.  B3/ Bean Bag Bucketz was born. 

Creative Brainworks LLC is now ready to launch Bean Bag Bucketz .